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Dear all,

Thank you for all the requests for ‘We go to the gallery.’ My current  position is to wait until UK copyright law changes on June 1st,  allowing for a fair dealing exception for satire and parody. I will then consider re-printing ‘We go to the gallery’ under my new ‘Dung beetle’ learning range. The artwork will no longer contain a Harlequin Ladybird or a key as well as other small design amendments.

This way, I cannot be accused of ‘passing off’ by Penguin, and the risk of any confusion  with vintage ladybird books will be minimised.

In the meantime be patient. I have been advised not to draw up a petition by my solicitor, although your private emails and support messages are very encouraging.

I will be auctioning off some remaining books from the first edition to pay for my legal costs shortly.

Keep checking for updates,



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