Parody, Piracy and Pastiche exhibition- June 2014

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I have recently been working with curator Camilla Webster and cartoonist Jeremy Banx to create an exhibition showcasing various brilliant works of ‘Parody, Piracy and Pastiche’ in art and satire. The show opens on June 19th at The Cob Gallery in Camden town, London, and was created as a response to Penguin/ Ladybird books claims that my recent work ‘We got to the gallery’ should be pulped. In this instance, ‘Copyright infringement’ was used as a smoke screen for a moral condemnation of the work.

This exhibition will showcase a variety of appropriative and satirical works by different artists who work in Collage, print, video and cartoon. Copyright law is set to change in the UK, so that works of satire and parody are protected, as they are in the USA and parts of Europe. Although the law has been delayed from coming into effect on June 1st, I hope this exhibition will enable a healthy debate on the matter.

On a seperate note, ‘We go to the gallery’ is undergoing a transformation to protect it from any more claims of ‘Copyright Infringement.’ The process is a bit time consuming (yes, I’m repainting!), but it should be back in print by the end of the month. Pre-orders will be available very soon.


Miriam Elia



Ten first edition copies up for auction on ebay



Ten of the remaining first edition copies of the art book  ‘We got to the gallery’ are up for auction on ebay.

All proceeds will go towards my legal bills.

The books will be signed and personally addressed to the winning bidders.

These are the last remaining copies of the book to feature the ‘Harlequin Ladybird’ logo, with the edition number of ’1000 copies’ on the back left hand corner.






latest news

Dear all,

Thank you for all the requests for ‘We go to the gallery.’ My current  position is to wait until UK copyright law changes on June 1st,  allowing for a fair dealing exception for satire and parody. I will then consider re-printing ‘We go to the gallery’ under my new ‘Dung beetle’ learning range. The artwork will no longer contain a Harlequin Ladybird or a key as well as other small design amendments.

This way, I cannot be accused of ‘passing off’ by Penguin, and the risk of any confusion  with vintage ladybird books will be minimised.

In the meantime be patient. I have been advised not to draw up a petition by my solicitor, although your private emails and support messages are very encouraging.

I will be auctioning off some remaining books from the first edition to pay for my legal costs shortly.

Keep checking for updates,



Times Literary Supplement- ‘Killer Penguins.’

Please see the back page  article ‘Killer Penguin,’ in this weeks Times Literary Supplement.  The article discusses threats of book pulping and censorship of artists by the publishing giant ‘Penguin.’


Postal update

To everyone that managed to purchase the book, I am dispatching all orders this friday, so your copy should be with you next week with 1st class Royal Mail. Sorry for the delay, my studio has become a branch of the sorting office.



‘Ladybird provokes wrath of Penguin.’

To Kill a Mockingbird


My legal  anxiety inspired illustration, that fits well with the hook line in ‘The Guardian’ today.

On another note, thank you for the emails of support. I have put a mailing list together, so I will be contacting everyone soon with a progress update. I will try to get back to as  many individual emails as possible but this may take a bit of time.