‘We do Lockdown’ released

Throughout Lockdown, I scurried away to a basement in Soho and created a beautiful hand-painted book ‘We do Lockdown.’ The limited Artists edition, printed on fine Nautilus paper, has just arrived back from printers. You can buy a copy here: www.dungbeetlebooks.com

Artists edition is £20 (1000 imprint), commercial edition available in Waterstones and many independent bookshops for £8.99

Etchings from Brutalist Thamesmead

A series of hand drawn etchings based on my observational sketches of Thamesmead. This was a brutalist London suburb created in the late 1960s, by the GLC. It went into decline after being used as the set for Kubrick’s ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ and now exists as a kind of monument to a failed utopia. The soft ground etching techniques, using shades of grey, is echoed in the neglected estate. 

Channel 4 Random Acts broadcast dates…


I have recently written, performed and directed five short films for the channel 4 arts strand ‘Random Acts.’ Each film looks at the life of a different animal surviving in the current economic climate. The broadcast dates are; 

Fly – Friday 8th Feb (tonight) @ 12.35
Fox – Tuesday 12th Feb @ 11.05
Rabbit – Tuesday 19th Feb @ 23.45
Caterpillar – not scheduled yet
Ant – nor scheduled yet
for more details, please have a look at the pretty bird blog; http://prettybirduk.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/prettybird-meets-channel-4_9.html