Screen and Paper- Text by Rebecca Keith. Image by Miriam Elia.

We prefer to drink lying down. It makes it easier
to keep lying down. The bubbles pool
in our throats and the bray keeps itself low. Can’t say
we didn’t spring for everything— canopy,
sham. This makes the bed unbreakable. Won’t you
paper your walls in the print we picked out for you?
Wrap your mouth too— we’ve had enough of you calling us
lazy, us party-too-much, us not going to surface—
too long under we might as well stay, make fort
in the folds of here. Here we never unpack the airline bag,
constant go our motto. We would like to say
you’ve been so patient with us, your patients,
you’re the most agile chase we’ve had, been had by.
Can you smell the curve of this wood, pillar of the four-poster
we hang on? Can you thrill— we’ll never be fixed,
why we keep an extra suitcase under and above the frill.
Breakfast included. Always a weekend away with us,
no visa required, no runway, no tent, speed as you will.

Text by Rebecca Keith. Image by Miriam Elia.

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